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I would like to take you on my journey of reflection, resolution and reinventing myself with the help of the fruits of the Holy Spirit
Acts 2 vs 25-26 reads: “I saw the Lord always before me, because He is at my right hand I will not be shaken…therefore my heart is glad, my tongue rejoices and my body will live in hope.”
John 5 verse 25, “Believe me, an important time is coming. That time is already here,”
HAIR DIARIES: To those of you that have natural hair you may testify that flaunting it is a great hustle. You may agree with me that natural hair requires great PATIENCE, TOLERANCE AND ABOVE ALL LOVE. I am still doing the best I can to maintain it and one day I want my afro to grow like Van Choga’s lol haha.
I am going to dwell on this aspect a lot because I am still on my journey of reinvention.
LOVE: I am a very shy, laid-back perhaps I can sum that up to being less confident. I remember last year I had lost so much weight and people would ask me “Nhai Amanda asi wakurwara?” you know all those sort of demeaning questions and comments. It really got to me and I started withdrawing from crowds especially kuchurch lol. I hated the transition that had happened to my body and I would cry looking at my old pics haha silly right. But that is the thing! You cannot expect to be loved when you don’t love yourself. That really dawned on me and I started to embrace myself once again. The economic situation in Zimbabwe and my pocket didn’t allow me to buy new clothes so my first step of embracing the new me was to adjust my clothes like kudzoresa hembe, lol up until now I am still adjusting them. Love is the root of all fruits of the Holy Spirit because I love myself more, I am happy, peaceful and much more tolerant to myself.
PATIENCE: As Christian youths patience is a very important virtue. We all want finer things in life but guys let’s work our way up. Of course academic success is not the only way out, but let us invest in our skills and talents. Personally I believe that my talent is on pen and paper that’s why I invest all my devote most of my energy there. Last year towards my first year final exams, our fees were hiked by over 100%. I managed to write the exams but I had an alarming balance at school. To make matters worse I was given an indefinite unpaid leave at my then job. It was difficult guys, I didn’t have money to go to school so my day would start at around 3 am daily that is to study (Taking advantage of electricity since it was during the era of load-shedding) and I would go to town with my brother on his way to work around past 5 am. Would sit on that Runhare House from around 6 am till the college opened apa it was freezing exam richitanga na 9 am. So you can imagine, ndaipinda in exam ndakaneta kare. If I wasn’t patient amidst the harsh conditions I was subjected to I would have gave up, but I trusted God’s will zvakaoma kudaro and that in His time all things would be made beautiful.
The dawn of the second semester came with its own loads of problems including the pending fees. I remember looking for better jobs and I got two lucrative offers! I was very happy but there was a drill. I had to “pay” in order to get those jobs in short I had to do the carpet interview! Then the job would be mine. Remember I was unemployed, had responsibilities and had to go back to school. Guys whenever you are in a compromising situation, listen to that little calm voice, for it will calm you and assure you that everything is going to be okay. I refused to sell myself, that is SELF-CONTROL, my dear brothers and sisters learn to control yourselves because Mwari uyu ane zvikuru zvaakatirongera if we trust in His will. Do not be compromised by the things of the world or people who want to take advantage of your situation.
Yes I had refused the lucrative offers but I was still stuck and when I was at the verge of giving up on my dreams…God poured His faithfulness, I got another job days before I submitted my letter of withdrawal from my studies! I was faithful to myself by refusing to indulge in a carpet interview lol and His faithfulness was double fold! Did it get easy afterwards? Yes it did to some extent but with the economic woes I kept having problems to the extent that I started making bitter prayers, I remember praying each time I got into a combi, “Lord please I cannot take the disappointments anymore may You please let this combi crush into gonyeti or something so that I can die!” Oh yes I did that sort of prayer but the first day I did that prayer something strange happened and it has been happening ever since. Each morning I find myself singing this song “…..Rudo rwaTenzi rukuru…runoramba ruripo tsitsi dzake hadziperi… runopamhidzirwa mangwanani ose.” Who said it was going to be easy? But Lord is faithful and merciful even when we do not deserve His grace.
“If we were able to write about you, you would deserve an Oscar award or a sister’s day award ….” one of my sisters Caroline Mwerenga said to me on my birthday. I have learnt that being charitable does not only mean offering material or financial support. But this can extend to offering kind words, time and all those priceless things to one another. Today I stand proud (not to blow my own trumpet) but because just like Carol said, I can testify that I have lots of sisters and brothers whom I believe I have touched. Ndinonzwa kudziirwa pakati penyu guys. By being good, kind and charitable to one another you will be leaving permanent footprints on the sands of time. People will forever remember you with your works. I challenge you today to be your brother’s keeper.
To advance in your life, reflect on the things that are important to you and focus on energy shifts that include all aspects of your life. Transition from negative energy, invest in good friends and networks.
Reinventing your life includes putting yourself first, nurturing your priorities, that in turns gives you inner peace and confidence to lead you in the avenues of your journey.
Some may ask has it gotten better? The answer is, yes, maybe and no
Because when life knocks me down seventy times, I get off the floor and say, “Here comes number seventy one!” Refuse to be a victim of circumstance, it is hard it is difficult but one day you will look back and say oh yes! I have made it!
Let us not pray for easy lives, but pray to be stronger youths. Let us not pray for tasks equal to our powers but powers equal to our tasks. Then the doing of our works shall be no miracle, but we shall be MIRACLES!
Until God opens another door praise Him in the hallway.
August 11 at 2:11 PM

In The Blinking Of An Eye

Glitz and glamour crammed the ambiance of the Boue’lite Hotel, it was a special occasion for JJ Logistics for that was the day it had gone public. He headed to the stage when the master of ceremony beckoned him to, as he made his way there, his potent shoes clicked with authority and he loved how being powerful made him feel.
“A lot of people have been asking me how I made here? Well its simple, potential and time management. I used time to my best advantage, I planned my life whilst I was at my lowest and I didn’t let events determine my fate. Ladies and gentlemen, time is absolute and today I am proud because I refused to be enslaved circumstances that were beyond my control. I invested in JJ Logistics because I believe that I have potential and I possess latent power to sail this ship, before I make a toast I would like to make another very important announcement, Jenna Jokonya please come forward,” he paused as he waited for Jen to reach the stage.
Since he had met Lizzette he had concluded that drama characterised the Jokonya family and all drama mounted to a climax just to stop so that it can gear up all over again. All eyes were on him now, it was the perfect opportunity to stir up more drama and catalyse it to its pinnacle.
When Jenna was by his side, he cleared his throat and said, “Not only am I going to be a board member of JJ Logistics, but I would like to be part of the family as well.”
He turned to face Jenna, he moulded his voice such that it dripped with earnest, “Ladies and gentlemen, I love this woman and tonight I would like to add a ring as well as the Tendero to her name, please Jenna will you marry me,” he bowed down in honour of his queen he knew without a shadow of doubt that Jenna was going to say yes. A sharp voice disturbed his consciousness, he didn’t know whether it was his uneasiness that was convicted him, but because he was Elton Tendero, he squeezed the voice until he no longer heard it. Who was he kidding? He still felt guilty considering how he had reached where he was. The four simple set off a cascade of complex emotions for Jenna, for saying yes meant that she was taking a huge step and a profound transition into adulthood.
Fate had deposited her into the Jokonya’s lives with similar positions and entangled them with the same twine of hate. Like an unchecked cancer, there was hate, the hate Jenna had for the Jokonyas had corroded her personality and ate away its vitality. The demon in her had pushed her to say yes because she wanted to do away with her maiden name, Tendero had fuelled her doubts about being a Jokonya and that ignited into a full flame of hate. She was still glad that at least the love she had for Elton that also prompted her to say yes for she had waited and imagined this day ever since their love blossomed. Their bubble of thoughts were erupted by the round of applause as people were happy with the developments of the night.
Tendero, was very gratified with himself for his pursuit of success had reached its thrust, it was time for him to enjoy his “fruits.” It was an eventful night for everyone who was present at Boue’lite Hotel with the exception of the duo, Lizzette and Joe. Tendero loved the attention he was getting from the guests, dignitaries and the media, despite proposing Jenna out of love and spite he had done it for publicity. Thanks to Adrian, months ago he had made it into the newspapers for misconduct at the university, he knew that the days that were to follow he was going to make it in the papers for marrying into the family of the girl that he had a delinquency with. He didn’t care because after all no publicity was bad instead the Jokonyas had to thank him for putting the company on the map. Out of anger and frustration, Joe dragged Tendero obviously shunning the attention and they retreated into a corner where there was less activity and noise
“You have a special suite made in hell for you imbecile!” Joe swore at Elton,
“You should be congratulating me brother in law, we are now family after all,” Elton said and totally ignored the hostility that had swamped the atmosphere. His voice was full of satire as means to spite Elton.
“Why would I congratulate you hmm? You obviously lured my sister into marrying you! So that you can set your smutty claws into my company! How dare you?” He fumed.
“Oh Joe, nastiness doesn’t suit you I proposed in front of the whole world because of people like you who think am after your fortune. For your own information I am acquiring everything I want because I deserve it. Yes I admit I ruined the life you had planned for Jenna, it was out of goodwill. We both love each other and Jenna did not want to be part of everything that you forced her to do. Did you took time to talk to Jenna and listen to what she wanted or you just imposed the whole business school idea on her?” There was silence.
“My guess is right, you didn’t do that Joe, you channelled your efforts to the wrong things, now whoops,” he gloated, “It’s all in vain practically for you of course, a blessing to me of course because you are perfectionist who demanded superhuman efforts from Jenna. Because of you I am going to be married to the love of my life. All I want is a proper blessing from you brother,” his triumphant voice rustled.
“Over my dead body Tendero! I would never sell my sister to a vulture like you never!” he seethed.
“Elton I was looking all over for you what the hell is going on?” Jenna gasped for she had searched frantically for Elton.
“Sorry I was trying to make with our little brother here Joe,” he said averting his eyes to Joe’s direction.
“Why would you seek his blessing my love? He is not worth it. Remember he disowned me so blessings my foot!” She said and stared Joe with a long unsettling look.
“I m trying here babe,” Elton remarked, he wanted to be the bigger person with shrewd efforts of course.
“Jenna for your sake I hope you have made the right decision, my sixth instinct keeps telling me that your union or whatever it is has been built on a shaky foundation,” Joe said.
“Well am older than you Joe! Respect me! One day you are going to have to mince your words! Mark this day, never mind because you are dead to me!” her face tightened with rage.
“We will see about that,” he picked a defeated step as he mingled in the crowd.
“I tried Jenna,” Elton said as he hugged Jenna.
“Well your efforts were met with a ridicule!” she commented, Elton continued to stroke Jenna’s hair as a means to pacify her. He picked the Jokonya weaknesses, they all had anger issues and most of the times they made life choices using emotions instead of logic. So to him, his union with Jenna was indeed a blessing, he was going to be the common sense in her life and he knew exactly what he was supposed to do next.
The night went on well, just as Elton had anticipated and he was glad that finally everything he had hoped weaved into one enormous web of success. He had chanced the day he met Lizzette too bad she was no longer on her side. Chance to him was a dominant element, because he had casted his hook of chance deep in the Jokonya pool he was awarded with love and power.
Perhaps logic finally kicked in Jenna’s head because days before her big day she became restless but Elton kept assuring her that everything was going to be okay. They settled for a court wedding, because she had no one from her father’s side to partake in the lobola settlement much to her mother’s delight. It was her mother and Elton who were overzealous about the white wedding and they compelled it to Jenna. Elton wanted to generate publicity mayhap prove to people like Mr Matyava and Adrian that he was the “it business mogul of the town.”
“Love I do not understand why the both of you refused to be involved in Jenna’s marriage,” Lizz asked Joe.
“Lizz, your beloved Jenna defied my orders and am honestly getting tired of telling you what she said at the Bou’elite Hotel,” Joe retorted.
“Joe, Jenna is not a baby remember she is an adult better yet she is older than you.”
“Aaargh you are always on her side! Damnit why dont you just marry her?” He said to her.
“Joe can we have a level headed discussion for once!” she took a breather because Joe’s temper was choking every inch of patience out of her.
“I am sorry Lizz its just that I am frustrated,” he confessed.
“Look Joe, we have to be a united front your guess is as good as mine, once Elton marries Jen they will be untouchable. By united front I am including mukoma Jerry and before you protest please listen, we all need each other right now. The anticipated wedding is all over the media now, if we do not show up that will clearly create a bad image. That is the last thing that we need, bad publicity.”
“I hear you wife, what do you suggest we do?” he said to Lizz.
“Tomorrow we are heading to Beatrice and visit mukoma,” she relayed the words in a commanding tone.
“My father trusted you, so I have to trust you right?” He confirmed.
“He also trusted you with Jenna, you are her keeper. Good night Joe.”
The following morning they headed to Jerry’s farm it was awkward because of the void that was between the two brothers.
“Babamukuru, we have visited because we want to resolve the issue of your sister,” Lizz said.
“What about her? She is the basis of all our troubles,” he snapped and Lizz wasn’t surprised.
“She is getting married this Saturday you do realize that right?”
“With all due respect I really don’t care. Is that why you came all the way from Harare? I thought maybe the company had caught fire or something,” his tone oozed with mockery.
“No babamukuru there is more,” Lizz confirmed.
“I thought so, come on go on I don’t have all day,” he was completely aloof. So Lizzette took the opportunity and explained the same implications that she had told Joe.
“Well bravo amainini, my stance is still the same, I am not going to attend the stupid wedding and I want nothing to do with the company,” he highlighted.
“But you still have shares mukoma,” Joe commented.
“I see you have found your voice Joe, I am only holding onto the shares because I need the dividends to start a magnificent project. Once I am done I am going to auction my shares once again,” he said barefacedly. “Joe and you amainini it’s all fault. You warmed that child into our nest and I am glad you are watching everything tumble down!”
“What do you stand to gain in all of this?” Lizz asked.
“I lose nothing but will definitely feast on your misery. You see my life doesn’t revolve around JJ Logistics am building my own legacy and my haven down here,” he grimaced.
“What about mum who entrusted you with her shares?” Joe asked.
“Here is newsflash, mum is dead, gone and is never coming back, I think you are somehow the reason why she is dead,” he said and his eyes were blazing with extreme dislike. “JJ Logistics is your project so attend the damn wedding I give you my blessing am the patriarch after all, now if you could excuse me and yourselves remember both of you are not welcome here,” he said his eyes fixed hawkishly on them.
Lizzette nudged Joe as a signal to leave Jerry’s place.
The lustre of the summer sun filled the sky and the thrill of a new season electrified the atmosphere, it was one of the most important days of her life. In other years, 13 September that date meant nothing special, but for better or worse, this 13 September was the pivot upon which her entire life depended upon. She stepped out of the state of the art car, confusion, excitement, uncertainty, happiness steamed into a sweltering emotion that she was almost reduced into tears. It was indeed an elegant wedding, the ladies wore dresses of sequins, silk and satin and the gentlemen were more subdued in dark slim-fit suits, white shirts and black ties. She couldn’t decipher the kind of mood Joe was in, that didn’t matter, they walked down the aisle, Joe’s hand holding Jenna as they walked they noted that the immaculately dressed guests complemented their outfits with that “weddingy” look of excitement mixed with admiration.
The ceremony began with the usual vows and signing of marriage certificates. After the ceremony everyone proceeded to the reception hall where people lined up for drinks and miniature snacks were being passed around. A buffet table was sumptuously laid with fine silverware, white china and crystal glasses. Conversations were fragmented with so many people trying to chat with each other. People stood over the food and they filled their plates to the brim. Then they talked while they ate, their mouths filled with delectables, which they spat out together with their words. Dessert was a skyscraper cake decorated with a paste of almonds and a miniature confectionary couple graced the top of the cake. After lunch, a prominent musician gathered on the stage and started playing Elton and Jenna were the first couple on the dance floor for their wedding waltz. Soon everyone followed and joined the dance floor, whooped it up, shimmying and bouncing up and down and sideways.
Joe was overwhelmed by all of this, he knew the implications that came with Tendero joining their family so he retreated from all the noise and went to a small garden that was outside the hall. He was surprised when Jerry joined him he had not seen him throughout the wedding proceedings.
“I showed up right,” Jerry said.
“I can see senior, why the change of mind though?” He enquired.
“I wasn’t going to miss the stupid wedding especially your miserable face when you gave up Jenna to Tendero,” he sneered.
“When did everything change senior?” He asked because he was hurt with the razor-sharp words that Jerry had said to him.
“Come on I am kidding little brother,” he laughed as a means to convince Joe otherwise, “In the blinking of an eye, everything changed though,” he fist bumped Joe on the shoulder. Joe didn’t respond instead he just stared into space his mood was to drab for Jerry’s vile comments because he failed to understand his intentions.
People began to disperse after the wedding Elton and Jenna Tendero departed for their honeymoon.
“You know what Jenna, I wanted to correct the marriage officer,” he said
“Why husband?”
“Till death do us part is morbid to me. I want the fairytale and I want they lived happily ever after. I mean why start a life of love by thinking about death? I choose to believe that you Jenna you are my soul-mate, that we will always be together in this life and beyond. Doesn’t love endure forever my love?” He suggested and Jenna flashed her beautiful smile that reached her eyes.

Joe and Jenna exchanged unkind words, will love endure a storm declared by Joe on Jen’s life?
Perhaps Joe one day he will mince his words…or he has already done that by showing up at the wedding?
Is Jerry really earnest? So much for being his brother’s keeper.




She kept thinking about how fate was so petty and insensitive to her, like how it tried to balance the scales and compensated her suspension from college merely by presenting her with a gamble. Indeed love to her was a gamble, she was afraid of love, losing it or not being praiseworthy, in spite of all these feelings, she towed strength from him. All her life she had learnt to love and attach importance to her mother but in the blink of an eye, her life had made a complete upheaval and all along she thought she had a brother but regrettably she witnessed her brother’s ugly side. Joe felt cornered with the disheartening developments he couldn’t believe what had happened to his sister whom he had warmed up to. He wrote off Jenna for betraying their legacy by engaging in a gross misconduct with a lecturer! Joe wanted to give Jenna a second chance but she blatantly confessed to him that he was in love with Elton. They had a heated argument over that issue, a surge of irreversible words were said and a connection that was hanging with a loose thread was well, broken. Joe and Jenna were mere strangers who shared a surname and a legacy.
Elton was a darling in all of this he played the hero character very perfectly and a strong bond was created between them. Yes he had grown to love Jenna, without a shred of doubt, he was the king of Jenna’s heart. He wanted more than that, he had conquered Jenna’ heart but he wanted to be a king on the throne as well, reigning the JJ Logistics empire. Instead, guilt complex reigned over him, he remembered very well how he had manipulated his way into Jenna’s life. Self-reproach continuously jogged into his memory, recapping how he had played a role in their “downfall.”
He remembered how he had deliberately asked one of his students to copy notes from the laptop whilst he was fully aware of the compromising content that was on his gadget. Sending Adrian was a ticking time bomb as a matter of fact the bomb blasted because Adrian and his lecturer Mr Elton Tendero had an apparent hostility, and Elton knew that once Adrian laid hands on the content, he was going to lodge complaint against him. Adrian showed Mr Matyava photographs of Jenna and Elton where they were intimate during their vacation at Mana pools. That is how they both got to be summoned by Mr Matyava.
“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““The ceaseless hooting of the car bell roused her, she was worn out because she spent that particular day cleaning and creating space in her apartment. On her jellied knees she headed outside, this always happened when she walked towards the unknown. The unknown was the extra love she felt for the man who was at the gate, she let in Elton and that was a dawn of an unknown chapter, a chapter that was fuelled by love and deception.
“Thank you babe for taking me in at such a short notice,” he said as he got out of the car
“Do not be silly El, this is now our home you know I would do anything for you right?” she said.
“Without a shadow of doubt prettiness!” he exclaimed.
“We should start packing my love, I have managed to create some space,” she directed.
As they packed and arranged Elton’s property, Elton packed his other medal of achievement in his deceitful closet that was deep inside his heart. He had lied to Jenna that due to his job loss he was unable to pay rent so his landlord had evicted him. Jenna had no option, so out of love and logic she asked Tendero to move in with her. Out of love, Elton had been by her side during her misery and out of logic when all was “well” it was Elton who paid the rentals for Jenna’s house. After a strenuous task of packing, they resorted to preparing supper which they enjoyed in between meaningless chats.
“I do love you Jen, never doubt that….this is just a phase my love,” he confessed, he had to and he was very earnest for once. It was how the phase was going to pass that was disputable.
She smiled at him instead and he embraced her in a very intimate way. He traced his fingers against her skin and his gaze invitingly followed hers they shared lots of sweet kissing and feeling of each other. By the time the foreplay winded down, Jenna had blocked everything, her suspension, her brother and her endless worries that interfered with their ability to connect sexually. Their bodies felt like mass, liquid and heat pressed intensely against each other as they communicated in a language that was only understood by their bodies. After their intense love making, Elton and Jenna formed a little haven underneath their wool blankets, the blankets were pitched in such a way that they resembled a tent. It felt like they were outside at a campsite, underneath the twinkling stars, both afraid but with only each other’s protection.
Their night of intense passion extinguished their doubts and worries for a bit but the genesis of the new day presented the qualms once again.
“So Elton what is the next step,” she asked.
“I am still trying to source something honey,”
“I still feel I am to blame I haven’t even told my mother. I do not think she will care because she is enjoying the benefits that come with me being a Jokonya jewel,” she said and worry lines decorated her forehead.
“Speaking of which did you manage to settle the rift between you and Joe,” he tested the waters.
“I am over him El, to Joe I was more of an asset than a sister at first I was guilty because of everything that has happened but I cannot keep living like this,” she said and Elton loved the sound of that.
“Hmm is it babe? And what about the other brother?”
“That one is a lost cause El, he is still on about selling his shares he said something about initial public offering,” she said.
“Oh that is the sale of shares of a privately owned company to the public for the first time. Blood feuds aside, but this can be a good move for the company,” he explained and Jenna was puzzled.
“Look babe going public means attraction of investors and raising a great capital base for the company,” the more he explained the more he got impatient in setting his sticky claws at the Jokonya empire.
“What is the use anyways if the shares are bought by someone who won’t uphold the values of the visionaries. Yes my father and my brothers are not exactly my favourite people but I respect the hard work that they put in the company,” that was the loophole Elton needed to glide towards the golden throne.
“My love it’s high time I wipe your tears, now is the time to prove your worth to your brothers,” he beamed with so much determination.
“What are you saying Elton?”
“It is you Jenna, you are the perfect candidate for this,”
“Stop playing games Elton I am tired of explaining why I can’t buy the shares even though if Jerry was selling the shares to everyone you know very well I wouldn’t have the capacity to acquire considering the fact that I want to build a house for my mother using the dividends,” she said and her voice was submerged in anger, worry, doubt and frustration.
“Hear me out love, look I have savings from my little business, just like you I was saving the money for some long term assets. But the whole debacle at your company has presented an opportunity for us Jen. What if you and I buy Jerry’s shares?” He gambled and hoped that Jenna would agree to his proposal.
The Jokonyas were a menace in her life, from the dead father to the youngest brother, the more she was immersed in those thoughts the more her facial expressions turned rigid, rigidity which was fuelled by not being nurtured by a father and being rejected by her brothers. In a flash her features softened because of the prospects that came with Elton’s proposal.
“Elton you are a genius! Let us do this! Obviously the shares will be in your name right?” She solicited and Elton hoped that she was not going to change her mind.
“Yes babe,”
“I owe you El, I owe you the job you lost and I owe my father a revenge, to hell with my brothers for being so miserable to me,” she said and smiled, it was like she had ran on cold malice because the smile had lit up a different Jenna, that made Elton cringe.
“Elton, you strike a woman, you strike a rock!”
“Babe, are you sure?”
She was certain, she knew the consequences but she had loved, she was open-minded and well she gunned to be a someone, all her negative energy dissipated. What could possibly go wrong?
Action converse louder than words, true to her word, Jenna gave Elton Tendero all her savings and together with his savings, he became 25% owner of JJ Logistics. It was a bolt from the blue for Lizzette she had planned, predetermined and strategized but she admitted that Elton was a master of conspiracy.
“Congratulations Elton welcome to the elite world where you wine and dine with perfection,” Lizzette said to Elton after his first board meeting at JJ Logistics.
“Two years ago when I was a nobody, I remember telling you that I wanted to give you an award, I also told you that it hadn’t been invented yet right? Today I am a somebody, I am shareholder to a company that has just gone public! Lucky me, so my dear Lizzette today I Elton Tendero confer to you the award of being THE CATALYST. Oh and I forgot to tell you, today is my special so am going to ask my 20% part owner of JJ Logistics to you know marry me,” his triumphant voice crackled.
“What?” There was apparent shock in Lizzette’s voice.
“Oh yes Mrs Jokonya, a good talent sticks to the script, you know I did everything you asked me to do. I felt sorry for Jenna you know because she was so fond of you, I would like to believe that she still is but that doesn’t matter right? What matters the most is I am a best talent, I go off script here and there but in the end I always deliver an outstanding performance. Let’s see in one, two or three months Elton Tendero is going to be 45% majority owner of this entity!” His voice overflowed with superiority.
Colour drained from Lizzette’s face her insides churned it was as if a giant paw with claws entered her body.
“No no no Elton that was not part of the plan Joe will die please,” vulnerability was evident in her voice. What had she done!
“There are many criminals but the worst are the ones that murder love, so yes I will marry Jenna, because you are my friend Lizz, so I am going to ask Jenna to marry me at our function tonight at The Boue’lite Hotel,” he winked at Lizz.
“Elton Tendero, do you think a marriage is a handover and takeover ceremony of ownership of shares,” she mocked Elton.
“Are you doubting your script director? Watch this space besides my marriage to Jenna means we will have more voting power,” he said and walked away because he needed to prepare for the function that was going to happen at The Boue’lite Hotel in celebration of JJ Logistics going public.

Are we ready to go to The Boue’lite Hotel?
Good girl gone bad, Jenna the rock!
Obviously Jenna loves Elton but do you think their marriage is going to be a handover and takeover of Jenna’s shares?




Open mindedness came with a detriment, indeed it was a huge price to pay because she had loved a man and confessed to him that she would do anything gfor him, now she watched her whole world crumble because she was forced to prove her actions beyond her words.
“Mama have you ever had the urge to something you knew in your heart wasn’t good for you but you convinced yourself to do it anyways?” she asked her mother.
“Child why do you ask?” her mother responded to her, but she was absent minded because all she wanted was to doll her up for her big day.
“Mama I think I should confided in you long back, I am getting married and it’s a good thing right mama? But I feel like as much as I love him, our marriage is somehow a bargain,” she confessed and that got her mother’s attention.
“Oh child! What is wrong? But first of all, marriage is a beautiful thing, you have wiped away my disgrace and I am so happy for you. Erase those cramped thoughts, because today is your happy day for us,” her mother tried her best to assure her but she concluded, her mother was in her own little cocoon where she wanted her daughter to live the life she always dreamed of.
“Make up done, hair done now let me pin your wedding dress in ten minutes time we will be leaving. I am still wondering that venue its very far from the city, you know what do not tell because you are so jittery today!” She exclaimed as she was pinning her dress.
“You keep on brushing off mummy, my brothers are not going to be present and that has been keeping me unsettled for quite sometime,” she lamented much to her mother’s annoyance.
“Hai! Where were they when you were alone huh? Come to think of it I think fate had long prepared you for this, remember it was just you and me when you were growing up you had no “brothers” because your father did a hit and run. So why worry about those trust fund babies, you are rich, you are getting married now and you have me. Dont worry my child, this is your day,” her mother said and part of her felt relieved that just like her soon to be husband, her mother eased her guilty conscience.
“Phew you were supposed to maintain your my child, it is evident that you hae gained a little bit of weight because I am having difficulties in pinning your last button….oh there I got it!” She exclaimed, as her pinned the last button of her majestic wedding dress, she felt like she was being locked into the patriarch Because time and again, as much as they loved each other, Elton had maintained his dominance in their relationship.
“This is the day mummy, thank you for the top-class makeover, I look beautiful.” Satisfied she stood up and took one long look in the mirror, Jenna was ravishing in her wedding attire. The long gown embossed with lacy flowers adorned her curvy body. Her dark long hair was pinned and topped with a tiara of tiny waxy flowers that had golden outlines. Her mother held up a fingertip veil of silky lace she handed her pearl earrings.
“My gift to you my child, I am so proud of you Jenna,” she said and happiness shone on her face like a sun rising in the morning sky and it was inevitable to see.
“Thank you mum, it’s about time…let us go”
When they were on their way to the wedding venue her mental diary flipped right to the events that led to her marriage with Elton Tendero.
She was restless after she logged onto her student portal, for she had failed the semester’s final exams once again, the head of department had summoned her to his office the following day but she was sceptical about going there for knew what was looming for her. She needed to come clean to Joe, so she sent him a screenshot of her results instead, but he did not reply her and that kept her onto the edge. She decided to visit his offices maybe explain herself but what was there to explain, it was in black and white that she was a failure!
“It is all your fault Lizzette you encouraged me let her go to university, now look at this, I had pinned my hopes on her.” he grumbled.
“Come on husband just give her the benefit of the doubt she will pull through next semester,” Lizzette soothed him.
“Stop it! I don’t need a person whom I doubt, I need someone who is capable on board not this! I wish I had contested the will damnit!” He retorted.
“I will let you calm down,” Lizzette replied in hope to placate him but underneath the surface she knew that if Elton was as devious as she was, their plan was going to sail smoothly.
That was a cue for Jen to leave, she had eavesdropped their conversation and she was sure of her place in the Jokonya empire. She envisioned Joe’s disappointed face and picked a step of defeat she recalled the conversation she had with Elton months ago and she concluded that he was right after all.
“Elton, please come and see me. I need you” she said over the phone and Elton felt her pain because she was crying hysterically.
Minutes later he had arrived at Jen’s place.
“What’s wrong my angel?” he asked.
“You were right! Gosh I was such a naive fool,” she said and let out a mocking laugh.
“When did my life become so complicated huh?” It was as if she was posing he question to Elton who didn’t know what to say to her because his closet was full of skeletons that were in the vicinity of showing themselves to the whole world. Universe was on his side, for that he reason he was sensing victory but he had not imagined his triumph within a short period of time. He quietened the thoughts that spiralled in his head because they made him woozy.
“Babe what are you talking about?” he finally found his voice.
“I failed again Elton I feel like such a loser. But then again I am a loser right?” she conveyed another question to him that seemed like a confirmation.
“I am sorry my love, why do I feel like there is more,” he solicited.
“Because there is more honey, I sent a screenshot of my results to my brother but he didn’t reply me. So I decided to visit his offices instead,” she narrated what happened in between sobs and hiccups only then did Elton comprehend what Jen meant earlier, he was right and his heart pumped exultant beats.
“Oh babe I am sorry, eish I wish there was something I could do,” he said and his inner goodness screamed hypocrite at him because he didn’t mean any of those words. Of course there was something he could do for her but he didn’t know the reception he was going to get from Jenna, so he waited to strike.
“To make matters worse I have been summoned by the Head of Department tomorrow I do not know what is in store for me El,” she expressed her anguish.
That made Elton disconcerted, because the Head of Department had summoned him as well…
“Wait what? What time did he summon you?” He asked just to prove his confirmation of something that he had done.
“He said at 8 am,” said Jenna.
He decided to come clean on this one to avoid surprises and win the trust of his beloved girlfriend.
“Well that’s odd because he ordered me to come to his office at 8am again tomorrow, but hey let us worry, because right now there s no reason for us to worry, the H.O.D is a reasonable person” he said.
“If you say so honey,” she sighed.
The following day they went to Mr Matyava’s office he was already in the office. Mr Matyava a stout middle-aged man, observed the two with his penetrating eyes and they both knew that they were in trouble.
“A pleasant morning to you two hope you had a wonderful night, without delaying you further let me get straight to the reason why I have called you, take a look at this,” he said handing them his cellphone. Jenna was the first one to take a glance at the content that was on Mr Matyava, she felt her world closing in on her she did her best to keep her emotions at bay but her eyelids were blinking rapidly matching her heart rate. Elton Tendero wasn’t bothered because he knew that whatever verdict, it was predetermined and he was very well prepared for it just like how he had planned everything months earlier.
“Mr Tendero I must say I am very disappointed in you. This is misconduct and you know very well the repercussion of this. And you young lady, how could you? Your brother practically begged me to let you into this university and I made so much effort to put in a good word for you to the admission board. Here are your suspension letters, and Mr Tendero good luck in finding another job at a prestigious institution like this one because you have tainted your Cv. And Jenna if you had an outstanding performance in your school work I would have at least pardoned you a bit, alas you are below average because you have failed more than half modules of your first year perhaps you should try another programme and stop wasting company resources, if you can excuse me,” he said in a very stern manner and the sombre look that was on his face reflected Jenna’s sadness.
Tails between their legs they left the office but Elton’s tail badly wanted to wiggle because Mr Matyava was wrong, the events of that day was a stepping stone to his success and his success journey didn’t need a curriculum vitae, it only required his abilities to adjust for purpose and his purpose was to be married to Jenna Jokonya heiress of the Jokonya empire. Absorbed in their own thoughts, they weaved through the rowdy university crowds towards Jenna’s place in uttermost silence.
The rock hard silence was broke by the incessant ringing of Jen’s phone, she checked the caller identity and grudgingly answered the call.
“Hello sis,”
“Hie aunty I heard by the receptionist that you were by the offices today but what’s strange is neither Joe nor I saw you whatsup?” Lizzette said on the other side of the call.
“I am sorry sis but I happened to overhear you discussing about my failure when I came there so I decided to leave because clearly Joe was angry,” she said in a funeral tone.
“You shouldn’t have heard that on Joe’s behalf I am sorry,”
“No Lizz he has every right to be cross with me I have failed him, I wish he had contested the will my life would have been ordinary, not this heart ache,”Jen said.
“Do not mind him tete, he is having bad days ever since Jerome assumed the C.E.O position it has been a series of disasters,” she comforted Jen.
“And because Joe has been on Jerry’s case of driving the company down the drain, he made a drastic decision in the last board meeting,” she updated Jenna.
“This doesn’t feel good at all, fill me in,” Jen said.
“I am afraid I cannot talk over the phone but I will send the minutes via email but whatever you are going to see in those minutes just know that what mukoma Jerry did was out of spite against you and Joe. Look aunty Jenna I have to go do not worry a lot everything is going to be fine. Failure is not the end of the road, cherio!” she said and hung up.
“That was Lizzette my sister in law she was updating me about what has been taking place at the company, you know I haven’t been attending the meetings because I was trying to avoid Joe, ” she explained to Elton.
“Oh I see,” he said feigning apathy.
“Let me check my emails Lizz said she is going to send something,” she had switched on her laptop.
“Elton you understand the business mumbo jumbo better please read and interpret this for me.”
So Elton read the minutes studiously and he silently thanked the universe for blessing him with such a dump girlfriend.
“Babe this is not good at all apparently, Jerry is selling part of his shares and the only eligible buyers are external people. That means neither Joe nor You can buy the shares,” he clarified in layman’s terms.
“Wow! Not that I have the capital to purchase the shares but am just surprised with Jerry’s hatred towards me, when is this venomous cycle going to end? ”she yelped.
“Now poor Joe has to take in all of this because of me, when it rains it pours for real! I think I have bad luck or something, first it was my father who abandoned me, now you lost your job because of me and Joe!” she said tears welled up in her throat and they flowed readily down her cheeks.
“Do not do that to yourself babe, look we can fix this hey now calm down and sleep a bit whilst I prepare supper okay?” he consoled her.
Jenna felt that her body was betraying her she was laundered mentally and physically so she didn’t utter a word instead she nodded her head in silence appreciative of Elton’s benevolence and patience.


In The Blinking Of An Eye

Chapter 13

“Stop whining little brother! I know it has been weeks without visiting. This whole semester has been overwhelming….I promise to make you proud I am Jokonya after all! Look brother I have to go I will be in touch!” She hung up the call on the account of someone who had entered the room and she knew who it was she dragged herself to the living room. In actual fact Jenna felt very worn out, she had failed three modules that she was studying the previous semester and it was a tough grind on her because she avoided her brother who longed to see hr and kept asking about the results.
“Hey babe, wassup,” he said hugging her.
“Nothing much just tired with studying for the modules that I need to retake,” she lamented.
“Oh I am sorry my love. It’s going to be well,” he gave surety.
“So much for being sorry!” she exclaimed and he knew that he was still in for it for her temper had suddenly sparked and her fury had sprung to life.
“Oh, I am still in trouble right, babe I thought we were past this what am I supposed to do now?” He responded calmly.
“Perhaps turn into a time machine superhero and reverse everything that has happened!” she shrieked.
“I really wish I could do that Jen, you know the reason why I wasn’t available to tutor you,” he justified himself and he hoped to simmer down her seething rage.
“You know what, save it and whatever! To make matters worse my brother has been on my case left, right and centre. I have failed him El what I am going to do?” she said her voice her voice crammed with frustration and the little devil in him celebrated because Jen was exactly where he wanted her to be.
The vulnerable corner, after all in every good story there is a challenge, a hero and an ensuing struggle, he comforted himself. Elton Tendero spent months rewriting his story and perhaps living it. In his sly and Machiavellian thoughts JJ Logistics was a challenge that needed to be subdued, he was an ensuing struggle because he had spent years trying to be a somebody great and he was going to be a hero, for he was paving his way to his dream, vision and obsession, JJ logistics.


In The Blinking Of An Eye

“Remember guys he who every morning plans the transactions of the day and follows out that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through the labyrinth of the most busy day. Plan, strategize, untap that latent power within you trust me just like an eagle you will soar high at the corporate ladder. Remember you are being educated to be future strategic managers, time management is very important so please submit my assignments without failure tomorrow morning, class dismissed,” he bellowed and sighed because he was relieved that the day was finally over. Was he really relieved? Months had passed since Lizzette had came up with her moot plan and the other question that was bugging him was how was he going to lure the Jokonya heiress into his snare. Lizzette had made crystal clear that she was going to entertain him after he had implemented their master plan.
It was in January and the universities had already opened, Lizzette had communicated once with him when she sent loads of pictures of Jenna. She had emphasised that Jenna was his tag to the other side of the coin. Discreetly he had kept tabs on Jenna and he hoped for a slack opening so that he could launch an attack. He was already tired of the lecturing business and all he needed was an immense way in the business world so he premeditated perfectly what he was going to do of course he enhanced the some details that were not in his initial plan with Lizzette. He didn’t want to be a victim of circumstance, so he decided and he began the process of tackling on what needed to be done. He safely concluded that he was going to join the corporate world, and the business world was not for the faint-hearted, more crudely it was not for the chicken livered.
He was very precise that falling in love with Jenna was going to be easy for she was a gorgeous girl at the same time he wasn’t sure if the “love” was going to be reciprocal, he didn’t want to be like the Joe and Lizz he wanted to have his bread buttered on both side….he wanted love and success. Elton had to rip his eyes away from her every time she walked into the library. She seemed like a loner and lost because she was always alone. Her clothes were so casual, the omnipresent look all the university girls had; the tight jeans, wide necked blouse and her cute brown boots. Her face was made up, but not over done and her long black hair was pulled back into a ponytail leaving strands of loose hair in front. She sat at the computer next to him and he almost stopped breathing, first of all because of what he was about to do to the young girl and obviously because the girl’s beauty was out of this world.
“Hey,” she finally said to him, his subconscious screamed to Jenna to run away for she was falling right into the devil’s trap. Despite his self-reproach, the sunshine in her smile and her voice went right into his brain like a shot of single malt. He completely failed to string a simple sentence together like, “Hi, how are you?” Instead, he got hooked at how she typed fast with her slender fingers, a gold bangle tapping the keyboard edge. He wanted to complement her on it, in another world where he was just a normal guy looking for love and companionship only he would have asked her name, what she studied and where she was from. He wanted to be more to her than part of the background of the library, he wanted to be a real person to her. But alas, why did his path cross with Lizzette maybe just maybe Lizz was a bridge to success and a happily ever after with Jenna, he comforted himself.
After a few minutes of awkwardness her mobile phone rang,
“Hello Joe, oh yes am trying to fit in its just that all this business language is mind-gobbling aargh trust me I will make you proud. I indeed aim to please! Byeee,” she glowed as she held her phone. Elton concluded that, that was Joe Jokonya. Oblivious of the fact that someone was watching her moves, Jenna packed her handbag and headed out of the library. Elton was celebrating, because he had found the first loose opening from the brief conversation Jenna had with her brother so he decided to take a chance and he ran after her.
“Ahem, miss, I am sorry about my actions earlier, what is your name?” he asked her hopefully and earnestly.
She frowned and utterly showed indifference towards Elton, she was actually worried about the strenuous assignment that she was supposed to submit within forty-eight hours.
“So?” she responded tartly.
“Look I have a lot on my mind that is no excuse though of ignoring such an eye-catching girl like you, please can I make it up to you,” he said his voice weighty with anticipation.
She exhaled noisily, reduced her speed and she looked at this nagging man, he was not very old, probably three or four years older than her, she presumed. He was just not good at taking care of himself. The man and his life seemed to have departed on separate tracks a very while ago, she guessed, but it was difficult to tell who gave up on who first. She couldn’t help but notice the way he walked, like his bones were loosely connected, shoulders moving like potatoes in a sack with every heavy footfall. His clothes were not badly fitting but the dirt was apparent from a distance. He was somehow longing to be regarded, required and valued. So she decided to hear the man out.
“Look man, I really have a tight schedule you have a few minutes to do whatever you want to do or say,” she said.
“I couldn’t help but eavesdrop your conversation look I know I am coming across as someone creepy and weird but I can help with your assignment.” Jenna looked at him shaking her head in disbelief, but she really wanted some extra help but she kept her thoughts to herself instead.
“I am Elton, Elton Tendero I am an assistant lecturer in the commercial department, so to make it up to you am willing to tutor you dear,” he said and he couldn’t help but noticed a flicker of approval judging the way her facial expression changed and relief reigned in his body.
“I could use a little hand, I really need to pass this program you know, I am Jenna Jokonya but I will proudly say my name once I have graduated, ” she loosened up after all there was no need to be difficult.
In the Blinking of An Eye, a friendship was formed though Elton had ulterior motives, somehow Jenna had managed to warm his heart and the time they spent together was always magical.
“So tell me babe, is this business programme really your passion?” he wanted to test the waters.
“Oh yes why?” she replied abruptly.
“It’s just that the first time we met you mentioned something about going to be proud of your name once you graduate with a business degree, I kinda found it very odd as to why you wouldn’t be proud of your origins,” he inquired inquisitively. He waited for her response but her face had turned rigid and he was glad that he was making progress into knowing the intimate details of Jenna’s life but at the same time his inner self that was emphathic towards Jenna screamed at him.
“I am a result of an illicit affair, and yes my father is none other than the late business tycoon, Jerald Jokonya, he was not that present in my life so the greater part of my life I yearned for his love and affection till that turned into bitterness, you know what they say it doesn’t get better but you get used to a situation so eventually I accepted that my father didn’t love me. The acute kidney disease was a wake up call for him, that is when he reached out to me and my mother months before he was seriously ill. When he saw that I didn’t care about him, he decided to buy my love and affection imagine. He promised to amend his will, and give me a share in his legacy. So yeah am not proud of my name and being part of the Jokonya legacy has altered my life in a very off-putting manner. My older brother Jerome, loathes me and he doesn’t hide it according to him, am the cause of his mother’s death and the drift in their family. My younger brother Joe and his wife have been sweet to me they both encouraged me to do this programme so that I can be part of the empire heads on obviously. So yes I want to make my brother proud and be a successful Jokonya just like the rest of them,” she said and he felt sorry for her but he couldn’t help but sense a little bit of animosity in her voice, he was a strategist he was going to bank on that.
“Oh really you are a Jokonya! Wow look at me a mere lecturer being friends with a rich heiress,” he said because he wanted to light up the moment they both laughed.
“Oh yes I am filthy rich man!” she beamed.
“So what are you going to do about the brother who doesn’t like you?” he asked.
“There is nothing that I can do El, instead I will just celebrate the relationship I have with Joe and Lizz for they have been so welcoming and accommodating to me so I cannot afford to fail you see, ” unmindful of the fact that she was building ammo that dear El was going to use for his selfish ambitions, she responded sweetly.
“And I am going to help you young girl, I will surely help you,” Unsure of what he said to her he assured her and that pinch of doubt bothered him.
His encounter with Lizzette was both a blessing and a curse…..

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In The Blinking Of An Eye

As I am looking at her sleeping I can’t help but wonder what happened to that thirteen years ago spark when she extended her manicured hand and she smiled, “Let us escape then.”
I admired her good listening skills as I explained to her that I wasn’t keen about the whole dinner party the then JJ Logistics hosted because I was still mourning my beloved wife. At that time she appeared to be someone who was eager to make connections and she looked at things from a different perspective. I can safely conclude that she was a good listener because she didn’t want to reveal more about herself. Come to think of it, I am to blame I should have took my time to learn more about her. They say eyes are windows to the soul, I wish I had paid attention to her eyes for they were a deep pool of restlessness and an ocean of hopeless grief. In my defence, I was not in a space to dig deeper because I had troubles of my own. I was mostly mesmerised by her slender body that gave her that movie star look, her curly short midnight black hair, and that made her look better than those three dimensional photo-shopped models. It’s the way she waltzed on with an effortless saunter that made her ooze confident like someone a decade older. There is nothing princess about her though, but her beauty comes from being a fierce independent woman and using her brain to fix whatever needed fixing.
Even though there is now Tariro in the picture, a woman that have the capabilities to drive me insane and I know the probability of a future with her is zero. Suddenly I am developing this eccentric affection towards Lizzette, perhaps it’s because I got to see that vulnerable side of hers and Lizzette will never let me walk out of her life, not that I want her to, for my self-centred reasons of course. I am silently praying that she gets well soon so that we can deal this pending issue and move on with our lives. Lizzette has been part our company since we got married I was against the idea at first because of the terms of our matrimony that made my life very unwieldy because I had to spend most of my time with the woman who trapped me into marrying her. Later on I warmed up to the director’s decision to hire Lizzette because I was impressed at how she was very opinionated and if you didn’t agree with her, she just pitied you for not understanding “the correct” way to think about it. That’s why I am hoping that she will restore the legacy of our empire because she is always right there with both boots on, in any crisis she takes charge, steer the most efficient course in any problem.
Lizzette consequentially became an indispensable asset to the company by virtue of being my wife and also because of her expertise in the business world. Spending a lot of time with her was a threat to my sanity though, when she gave birth to Paula I thought she was going to take a longer maternity leave to enjoy motherhood and when I suggested that to her she uncompromisingly proposed that I should be the one taking a paternity leave instead. It became obvious that Lizz was fixated with me, and I concluded that she had two jobs description, the one she was paid for by JJ Logistics and monitoring my moves at the company, to the extent of dismissing and hiring my personal staff that suited what she desired. I didn’t want to appear a wimp to the board of directors so I just let her be whilst I manoeuvred ways to let her off my back a bit. So after months of tolerance a plan finally hit me, I suggested to Lizzette to do another academic programme that was going to boost her portfolio. She was sceptical at first but she later on she enrolled at University of Zimbabwe and ventured towards a Masters in Strategic Management, that was my brief freedom from her because she worked from home most of the times. Despite, my father’s endorsement of Lizzette before he died, I saw his death as an opportunity to finally demote Lizzette to being my wife only, withholding the fact that one cannot defy the wishes of a dead man right…..

The potent aroma of fresh stew infused my nostrils and I have failed to ignore the wrath of my empty stomach, since in my quest to pretend to sleep earlier I ended up sleeping up until now. Though I was completely famished when I joined my family in the dining room, my appetite has suddenly departed because I continue replaying the conversation I had with Tendero earlier on. I excuse myself from the family and ask Joe to kindly to keep an eye on the kids because I need some peace to think. As am pacing up and down in the study room in order to shake off the hasty edginess, my eyes land on our framed academic certificates and our family pictures. And there goes my mental diary, flipping its pages linking the relationship between our achievements and my family. I love how photographs’ super powers of freezing moments and memories, damn I am still smitten with my first captured moment of me and my Paula. Nothing can take away the priceless feeling I had after giving birth to Paula Owami Jokonya even the postpartum depression that I suffered from.
I should have fought the depression, spend more time with my angel maybe just maybe I woudn’t be in this whole Tendero calamity. I named Paula, Owami a Xhosa name which means ndewangu in Shona I love the Xhosa meaning though which means you are mine in English. I can’t help but scoff the reasons that made me give my daughter that name, I named her that because of my obsession with Johannes, the name was a message to him in my context it meant that Joe is mine till death do us apart.I was happy when Joe offered me the opportunity to do a programme in Strategic Management, it also meant that he believed that I would take the company further and I would spent less time with Owami because of the postpartum depression. This was a situation whereby I had severe mood swings, difficulty bonding with Owami and fear of being a bad mother especially since I never had mother’s love. Automatically, anything to do with my career and Joe became my coping mechanism.
Strangely when I embarked my studies, I started longing to bond with my little daughter because I was starting to feel guilty for not being there for her, I guess those were just motherly instincts kicking in. So the longing affection for my daughter had adversative effects on my studies and another symptom of postpartum depression kicked in, that is diminished ability to think clearly, concentrate and making any decisions. I hated admitting to Joe that I was failing to balance my studies and whatever that was going on in my head. That is when I made friends with Elton Tendero, he was a bright and a top student in our class. Through most of our talks, I learnt that he was a struggling person who was hoping to make it in life. In my quest to prove to Joe that I was still as sharp and as relevant as forever, I decided to manipulate and use Elton’s situation to my advantage. Oblivious of the fact that we were birds of the same detrimental feathers, we had sick ulterior motives.
Everyone has a price tag, they say, I offered Elton a hefty amount to ghost write my assignments and do my school projects. Because he was in dire need of financial assistance he was happy to accept my offer but when he was at the critical point of my project he made such an unwelcome request and he was uncompromising about it. Had I known that all of this would lead to this I would have pulled out of our deal there and then but that unquenchable desire of ravenous power led me straight into the devil’s tail. So I made a deal with him that once we had graduated I was going to offer him a senior position at JJ Logistics failure to do that meant that oing to expose me to the press with the exclusive of that the mighty Lizzette was an academic fraud. However, I emphasized that I was not going to deliver the promise on a silver platter just like that, instead I had to find strategic ways to let him worm his ways into the company. Through my correlations in the business world, I managed to get him a vacancy as an assistance lecturer.
Months after I graduated that is when Mr Jokonya senior died, regardless of what he had said on his deathbed, I could fill the void in our marriage widening and I became paranoid. It’s either Joe was going to divorce me or ditch me from the company, so I had to devise another scheme to save both my marriage and company. I decided to bank on the scandal of my clueless brother-in-law Jerry, his mother’s bitterness and Jenna’s untimely arrival presence in our lives.
“Hey El, I think I might have a breakthrough for you,” I said to him whilst we were having lunch at some clandestine restaurant where I knew that chances were low to meet anyone who would recognize me.
“Hmm I think I like the sound of that madam boss,” he said expectantly.
“You ought to dear because soon you won’t be teaching those snob students and you will be part of the prestigious JJ Logistics,” I exclaimed damn he seemed so pleased as much as I was pleased with myself.
“Tell me how is it going to work? Since you were all about taking it slow,” he said with a glint of scoff in his voice.
“You are so full of attitude El, I hope the crossing of our paths will not have consequences in the future,” I was suddenly put off by his stinky attitude.
“Very sorry Mrs J, I am just so excited already, you are my only ticket to a blissful future, I am sorry once again,” he said.
“I am sure you know that my father-in-law died months ago, and am certain that you are aware that JJ Logistics hasn’t been performing well ever since my brother-in-law took over the reign,” I said to him waiting for an acknowledgement that he was aware of this.
“Yes boss lady I am pretty much sure of that and it is no secret that there is an addition in the Jokonya dynasty, Jenna,” he responded and I was impressed because it was going to be much easier to spell out my plans to him.
“Look the death of father-in-law is a very sad development for me because he was the glue that kept both my marriage and career intact. Frankly, I was not really worried about my career because of my past achievements since I met you I have been very yeah sorry but that is the nude truth Elton. So what I am going to ask is something that is going to benefit us hopefully,” I poured out my sentiments to him and he blankly stared at me.
“Oh I am very sorry Lizz things were never meant to get out of hand it’s just that I was tired of my stagnant life, so you have became my exit plan from my dull life I even invested that money you paid me back then into a Raum and as we are speaking it’s now pirating from the CBD to Msasa industrial area, and I am banking my profit I get there so that perhaps I can buy another car of that sort, after all I have to practise what I preach in my lectures,” he said his voice loaded with sincerity and determination.
“You know what someone once told me that in life you have to grab a bull by it’s horns in order to make it. And now am rest assured that you are the perfect candidate of JJ Logistics. So here is the issue, my sister-in-law is part owner of the empire but just like the dumb older brother she oblivious of the corporate world. I want you to marry her, ” I firmly said to him.
“Wow!” he looked at me his eyelids, fluttering like nervous moths.
I ignored his coward remark, “ I have convinced Joe to encourage his sister to do a business course so that she can know the helms of running a business school, as I am speaking she is going to be a first year student on your next intake and you are going to do the rest of luring. You know the universal law of marriage what belongs to her belongs to you, automatically you become part of the JJ Logistics so I guess the profit you are getting from your pirating business you are going to use it to marry my beautiful sister-in-law. The ball is in your hands now, you are now in charge of your destiny darling please be fast….tick-tock time is ticking the offer won’t last forever,”
“I am wowed honestly, so how is marrying Jenna going to help your marriage and career? Is there any relevance?” At that moment I thought that his eye were going to drop out of his eyeballs.
“Joe is very protective of his family legacy, any external force no matter how big or small is a threat. And I will obviously provide sound business advice and wifely comfort to him. Therefore, my darling you are going to be the external threat you are going to find ways to divert my dear Jenna from the whole family values mantra. Simple.” I was so pleased with myself.
“When you approached me to do your assignments and projects I was like damn this woman is a hysterical fool of herself over a man. But now I feel like giving you an award. Too bad the award I really want to give you hasn’t been invented yet,”
“A fool I am but I am a wise fool, good bye El hopefully when we meet it will be on the lobola negotiations,” With that I walked away from him. Love is beautiful but obsession is toxic…..



“Are you okay Lizz?” he asks his voice pregnant with apprehension.
I quickly get out of the car so that I can go and change, suddenly as I try to walk, my vision is blurry and the path seems watery I raise my hand to my face and let my skin soak up the wetness. I am overwhelmed, I am crying all these years I have tried to conceal how I felt pertaining what happened back then, poor Joe’s compliment triggered everything. It has reminded me that I am not a robot, I am human and humans feel. He embraces me so tightly completely ignoring my messed skirt and the stench from that is blocking free circulation of fresh air. As I am in his arms, my heart is throbbing intensely like it’s beating its fists against me and wants to dive through my chest.
“Shhh Lizzette it’s going to be okay, look let me call Alex so that he can cancel the meeting or schedule it for later is that okay?” he says with a decisive and self assured manner which I have always admired about him. I wish he knew what I was going through or rather what I went through.. After a while of crying I finally let go off his embrace.
“I am sorry Joe I keep messing up,” I say to him.
“Believe it or not, your well being matters the most Tendero can wait, we can always deal with him later so today I will work from home so that I can take care of you because clearly you are not okay. You look so pale,” oblivious of what I meant by my statement he says with so much concern. I have made peace with the fact that even though I love Joe and it is not reciprocal, casual sex relationships are not the strongest foundation for starting a family basing of course on how Joe and I got married. However, unsure of my feelings, but desperately longing for his affection I submit to his protective presence, the protectiveness I longed for when Chioniso abused me each time my brother spited her. We hold hands as we go inside the house it feels odd to touch his fingers it’s like I have accidentally reach out and held a stranger’s hand.
The question now is wont it be too late if we postpone meeting with Thabiso again today…only God knows the kind of damage that Tendero did this time. Perhaps if I take a quick cold shower it will help me regain my sanity so that we can go and assess what has happened at the company. Who was I kidding? Winter is approaching obviously the water was going to be freezing cold! Not only am I emotionally scarred but am now feeling incredibly cold, and pain in my lungs as if they are packed with ice. I wobble out of the bathroom and Joe is seated on our bed waiting for me I presume.
“Lizzette you are shivering, I should take you to the doctor,” he says.
“No Joe am perfectly fine….it must be the cold water,” I protest.
“I am not going to take no for an answer, where is my phone?” he objects shifting his attention to searching his phone.
“Maybe you can call the doctor to come and check on me here,” I try to convince him otherwise.
“I can work with that, oh there it is!” he says after scouring for his phone.
“Great! It has no power I was planning on charging it on our way to work,” his facial expressions now scream uneasiness,poor man, is he purely concerned about my well being or he just needs me by his side to save the empire that is now hanging on the droopy thread?
“Honey….stop worrying too much it’s not like there is no alternative, you can always use the landline Dr Muredzi’s number check it on the notebook besides the telephone desk in our office downstairs if it’s not on the desk it must be in one of the drawers,” I try to sway him so that he can go downstairs whilst I calculate and execute my next move, deep down thanking Joe’s ‘phone dearest’ for conveniently running out of power. I am sure he is now in the office frantically searching for the non-existing “notebook” now I can call the leech and warn him against whatever he is planning and doing.
“Have you finally come to your senses and chickened out?” he wallows on the other side of the phone for some reason I feel edgy and irritable but I have to take a stand.
“I made you Tendero! Things were not supposed to get out of hand damnit! What the hell are you doing you should thank the heavens because I suddenly I got sick but trust me I am for your baying blood! ” I speak softly but laying emphasis on every word that I conveyed to him.
“Should I be scared Mrs J? Perhaps should I lay out reasons for you why I should not be scared? Remember that every reason that I state will be burying you alive sweet heart let me hit where it hurts the most huh? Baying for my blood means that your marriage will crumble into pieces and there will be no turning back…do we really have to go there? Just let me be…are you still there Lizzette I see we have gone mute let me save you your credit not that those cents you have used to call me will make a difference to your filthy rich pockets…bye sweetheart,” he hangs up the phone.
After saying that, the keystone of my security begins to crumble and I press my hands together as I try to formulate my next move that is if I still have any. I guess confronting Tendero is not an option at all, when I am well enough I will have to bargain, compromise and reach an understanding with him. I started the vicious cycle and I have to put an end to it. I hear Joe’s thuds, thank God I mastered the art of pretending like am sleeping during my ordeal with Chioniso. Joe tries to “wake me up” but his efforts were fruitless he eventually leaves me alone and goes downstairs.
Imagine telling someone that I lost my purity to a woman, who was using a toy! Crazy right! That is one of the reasons why I never told anyone my story even husband dearest. No one knows this dark, cold and horrific path that I walked and the despicable things that Chioniso made me do. Each day I would like in the mirror and reminded myself that I was an orphan I had no one in my corner and I had to make something out of myself. That gave me renewable energy and that there was more to life. I reminded myself that I was not a victim of circumstance so I channelled my the negative vibes I got at home and became the star student in all my studies up until I graduated with an honours in business administration, I also ventured in risk management and accounting. Excelling in my studies became my escape from the evil hands of Chioniso.
I started working at some company called Zenith Resolutions where I was part of the consultants there. The key objectives of the company was to teach businesses to stay significant to their stakeholders and also to grow through shrewd marketing research reports, presentations and strategic workshops. Because I was determined to become the best version of my cluttered self I became one of the most sought after business consultant. My career escalated when I was given Jerald Jokonya’s portfolio for JJ Logistics. The late Mr Jokonya was very impressed with how I presented and displayed my foremost broad knowledge of the many facets of his business and market forces. After months of working with him his company had increased its efficiency and profitability therefore making it very competitive.
“Makoti, I am so proud of you and I am hoping to work with you in the future even my son is impressed with the results, if you do not mind I would like to invite you to our end of year business dinner at The Boue’lite Hotel, on Friday I know its short notice but please to come I will introduce you to lots of bigwigs in the business world, ” he said his face glimmering with so much bliss.
“I feel so privileged Mr Jokonya because I got the chance to work with you for the past few months,” I expressed my deepest gratefulness to him.
“Will take that as a yes Miss Sambara I will reserve a place for you makoti and dress to kill,” he winked at me and we both laughed.
“I intend to Mr Jokonya I will see you around sir,” we bid each other goodbye.
Even though it was short notice I decided to adhere to Mr Jokonya’s advice. I went through my wardrobe but there were boring suits that made me look like a tense and uneasy woman. Since I had lots of money at my disposal I decided to do some shopping, visit the beauty spa, did some manicure and pedicure. My hair was not much of a hustle because it was short and I have always maintained it at brush level. I trimmed my hair after the whole Chioniso fiasco for psychological reasons because long hair reminded me of the hell I went through with her and I vowed never to let it grow beyond brush level.
It was a black tie event, the whole function spelt glitz and glamour, I fitted in perfectly. I was wearing a straight cut long glittered dress with a slit that stretched just before my knee and that complimented my slim straight body. To butter up my dress I was wearing silver high-heeled tip-toe shoes, dangling silver earrings with a matching necklace and I had a black glittered clutch bag. True to his word, Mr Jokonya had reserved a place for me at a table which was filled with JJ Logistics executives and other respected people in the business fraternity we exchanged meaningless conversations throughout dinner, the food was enthralling to the eye and titillating to the palate. I didn’t want to seem rude by leaving the place early because I was bored, the majority of the people that filled the place were twice my age so I decided to graciously ask Mr Jokonya to be relieved from the party.
“Sir, I think I am done for the night I must go home now,” I said to him.
“The key question is have you boosted your profile daughter? I will take the silence as a no, come on the night is still young. I am not sure anymore if Johannes is going to pitch up. This is a very important day on our company but now I am sure he has decided not to show up anymore, this boy is going to be the death of me. Can I blame him though he is going through a difficult patch despite all that I am hoping that he will show up, ” I nodded at what he said absent mindedly as I tried to formulate an appropriate response to everything that he had said to me.
“Oh there he is, finally!” he said letting out a sigh of relief and I sighed too because in my mind I was like finally I am going home and I shifted my eyes to where Mr Jokonya was looking. That was the first time I set my eyes on him as he shared a brief hug with his father.
“Thank you for showing up son, you are just in time for dessert come on let’s go and sit down,” he said to Joe and I cleared my throat for attention.
“Oh Joe this is Lizzette Sambara from Zenith Resolutions she is a business consultant, she is such an intellectually-gifted young lady, daughter this is my son Johannes during the time we worked together he was not in a really good space, nevertheless there he is,” he said his voice beaming with pride. Just then a waiter with a tray of wine offered us each with a glass of sweet kosher wine.
“Nice meeting you Joe,” I said smiling at the same time brushing off my decision to go home because suddenly I was interested in this Joe character.
“The feeling is mutual Miss Sambare, thank you so much for the job well done the figures, clientele base and everything you did is utterly impressive,” he said smiling at me.
“Everything she touches turns into gold, lets drink to the future,” Mr Jokonya toasted.
“Cheers to future endeavours ma’am,” said Joe
“Indeed, to the future sir,” I responded. “Mr Jokonya senior, let me regard your earlier suggestion, the night is still young and I still need to boost my profile, let us go and enjoy the dessert,” we all shared a momentary laugh.
“That’s my girl you are not going to regret this let’s sit down,” Mr Jokonya said. We were served with dessert, an angel food cake with chocolate sauce that not only contained a divinity of a taste but it reminded of a happy memory of how we used to enjoy ice-cream with Chioniso before she turned into a monster. I was seated opposite Joe and each time I tried to steal a glance at him I would find him staring at me it was very awkward so I would turn to one of the business executives who said words I was not registering, I was and never been good at small talk. Instead, I would gulp down wine clearly conscious of Joe’s constant stares at me. I do not know if it was the wine, but the awkward momentary looks turned into wild mutual glances. I decided to go outside for fresh air because I was beginning to feel scatter-brained because I had drank too much wine so I went and stood by the balcony. Standing upright was such a mission because my legs were very unsteady like the stem of a wilting flower when I was about to fall I felt his warm and strong hands around me and my wine-diluted mind felt panicky as our eyes locked.
“You needed an escape huh Lizz? You shouldn’t have drank so much wine,” I detected mockery in his comment but my giddy brain wouldn’t let me pass any comment.
“You know what, I need an escape too how about we drive around just for fun trust me, sitting with these bunch of old men is no fun,” he cock his eye brow and smiled.
“What about my car?” I asked him.
“Just say yes and let me handle the car, father sung praises and how you handled our portfolio, let me drive you to places full of fun as a thank you Lizz, right? ” that is the first thing I fell in love with his confidence and bossy being.
“Let us escape then,” I said to him.
Years later…..
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In The Blinking Of An Eye

Chapter 9
Preening myself in this full length mirror was my intention, but here I am wondering can good and evil twist together into such an impressive knot. Obviously, the good person being my Joe, the man I treasure the most and the man I have vowed to love even it means doing evil things unintentionally of course so as to get his attention and respect. I am bothered by the fact that some of the things that I have done are coming back not only to haunt me but to threaten the legacy that we took years to build. Part of me is glad because Joe is kind of scared of me and very relieved because he is oblivious of my evil side, though evil may be a little harsh, but that’s what it is. I am also glad that my father-in-law is not haunting me despite the things I have done in the name of love. For he worshipped my ground and that has made it easier to calculate my moves perfectly. I didn’t make any effort to warm Joe’s water because I know that he loathes cold water and he is going to take forever in that bathroom. That gives me an excuse to drive earlier and leave him behind so that I can deal with this parasite first and remind him his place.
And oh my hair! It is unkempt it’s been long since I have visited the barber and I really hate that, maybe I should put some hair relaxer so that it can be manageable especially on a crucial Monday like this one. Well I am against the idea not because of the team natural hair wannabes who think they have made it in life but because of my own psychological reasons, reasons I wish I could forget but alas. Let me try to use a blower and some hair oil I hope these two tools will help with my kinky and thick hair. After a good annoying but productive fifteen minutes I have managed to comb my hair into submission and oh great! It looks longer I should make a mental note to visit my hair dresser so that she can trim it to a brush it to the level that I prefer for my sanity reasons.
“Wow my love, your hair is so beautiful, it has grown this really suits you,” he says standing behind me stroking my hair. Did he just call me my love? I cannot help but think that this is such an ill-fated moment for compliments though it makes me feel good. Wait a minute he addressed me as my love because of my hair, the hair I hate the most! I cannot help but feel a wave of anger rushing through my veins aargh! Liar! I am his love now or is he trying to be in my good books because of the crucial day ahead of us, idiot!
“Stop complimenting my hair Joe and get prepared or else we will be late, you know what you will see me at the office,” I retort much to his surprise, I take my handbag, files and head for the car.
My mind is a beehive of thoughts, unsettling thoughts like why I hate my hair so much too bad husband dearest had to be on the receiving end of my wrath.
I am a miracle child for I was born when my parents had lost hope of having another child. I have an age difference of twenty years with my brother. Unfortunately, my parents died when I was very young, so my brother Tanaka is the one who took care of me it was not difficult because my parents had for a trust fund set aside for all my educational needs. By the time my parents died, Tanaka was already married to Chioniso. Unlike the infamous rivalry amongst most in-laws I was fortunate because my relationship with Chioniso flawed effortlessly. Perhaps it was because I bridged the hollowness she had of being barren or maybe it was just pure love she had for me. I didn’t need a rocket scientist to help notice that my brother and Chioniso were an unhappy couple most of the nights I would hear them screaming at each other. My brother always reminded Chioniso of her inability of bearing a child and how useless my sister-in-law was because she was a housewife. I made mental notes that I was going to be an independent woman and I would never allow a man to walk all over me the way my brother did to Chioniso.
It was after one of their quarrels when my Tanaka left with a huge travelling suitcase. I heard Chioniso crying, and I decided to go check on her I was only fourteen years but I knew that even though I didn’t have the right words to say, an assuring hug was going to make Chioniso feel better.
“Sorry Lizz, you had to see me like this,” when she acknowledged my presence she stifled her sobs which were accompanied by hiccups. I just nodded for I didn’t know what more to say.
“You know what let me do your hair right Lizz, go and take the big comb and blower, we both know that your hair can be really handful,” we both laugh.
Because my hair was thick and bulky she took her precious time washing it she was very patient when it comes to hair and I think it would have been a good idea if she had ventured into the hair business instead of being an unhappy kept wife.
“Hair is a crown of woman and your crown is very beautiful,” she said whilst fumbling her fingers on my scalp and it gave me a soothing feeling.
“I wish I had beautiful hair like yours Lizz,” I just smile because I knew that it was one of those days.
“Every night I imagine having a daughter with beautiful hair and sharp brains like yours. A daughter that is going to take me out of my misery….perhaps your brother will love me more,” I remember perfectly how she sat stiffly like a frozen painting with a frozen sad smile, like she was frozen in a different time zone with different circumstances.
“Aunt Chichi I love you so much, you are like a mother to me,” I finally found my voice and professed my love to her.
“And you have filled the empty space in my life like a daughter I never had, now enough with the sob stories let us go and eat ice-cream,” she said
Days, weeks and months passed there seemed to be harmony in the house until one Sunday when I overheard Tanaka and Chioniso fighting again.
“But honey I only want money to start a business,” she bemoaned.
“I burst my tail daily at work, trying to make enough so that you can continue to stay home and God knows doing what! Or else you are undermining my ability of taking care of you huh? You don’t even have a child so why do you need more money huh ?You are wasting my time am off to church if only you could come with me to Sunday services your fertility would have been restored mxm,” he snapped.
“I will be right here waiting on you when you get back, if the spirit of the Lord touches you during the service, am sure I can recognize you when you walk through that door!” she screamed back and the noise of a banging door followed.
In that instance I yearned for my parents’ warm home, not the endless squabbles I was subjected to I remember crawling back in my blankets and covering my head trying to zone out from reality. I tried to cry just to let it all out but alas tears could not come out. I was disturbed when my door was opened, Chioniso came in my room crying hysterically, I felt her pain but felt helpless because I did not know what to say to her.
“Oh dear! Lizz you heard that right?” she inquired and I nodded.
“Oh no am such a bad mother right? I am feeling cold please can I join you so that we can cuddle, right Lizz” I moved a little bit to accommodate her onto my tiny bed she joined me, she was facing my back and she held onto my lower back very tightly.
“I love you Aunty Chichi,” I said in a screechy voice.
“Of course you do you are my everything now, I am so in love with you, because you listen to me without objecting unlike your brother you let me touch you and gosh I love the texture of your hair oh my,” she said whilst her hand was stroking my hair and the other one was caressing my back. All of a sudden she freaked out and jumped out of my bed.
“I am sorry! I must have zoned out, gosh what is wrong with me?” she said pacing up and down that it was starting to make me feel dizzy. I safely concluded that this “mother” of mine had serious issues, and as always I felt sorry for her.
“I think I need to take a shower, and I will prepare breakfast for you,” she stormed out of my bedroom.
As days passed a series of fights between Tanaka and Chioniso happened fortunately if I may say the fights were not physical it was just a war of words, they exchanged harsh words and cursed each other. Unfortunately, not only did it damage them, but it left a trail of emotional scars especially to me, unlike physical scars, emotional wounds are difficult to heal. It got worse, because it became a normality for Tanaka to spend days away from home. On the other hand, I liked it when he was not around because that meant harmony prevailed in the household. It was on this particular day that up until now I wish I could just take back my secret preference of not having Tanaka around….I am quite certain that a progression of events that followed after that day moulded me into a person I am today.
“Lizz its been days since your brother stepped his foot into this house I do not know what he is up to and in all honesty am slowly losing interest. Had it not have been for you I would have packed my bags and leave this cold home,” she said and I felt a tinge of guilty hitting me. The first thought that came in my mind was if only my parents had not died…why did God punish this poor woman by not giving her a child? Those were the thoughts that kept whirling in my head.
“Oh come on Zette, I do not want you to feel bad at all, you know I love you and am so attached to you the way your brother treats me has not clouded the love I have for you,” she said convincingly and I just smiled.
“Offlately, I have been having night mares because suddenly I feel scared because Tanaka is not around I think it would be cool if we share my bed I know you don’t mind sleeping alone but please join me till your brother finds his way home,” she said in such a compelling way and I was like why should I refuse? Poor little me was so naive, if only I could turn back the hands of time I would have calculated reasons to refuse dear Chichi’s plea.
“Why not Aunt Chichi?” I replied.
“You wouldn’t dare refuse right? I am your mother and call me mama from today Lizzette,” she responded tartly, her expression suddenly turned cold that it sent chills down my spine, unexpectedly she burst into a disorderly laughter.
“Gosh Zette I got you, you should have seen your face it turned pale girl do not be such a coward I was joking. In this life you have to grab a bull by its horns so that it doesn’t step all over you…come on let’s go to sleep,” I felt relieved as we headed to the bedroom. Up until now I am glad that I heeded the “grab a bull by its horns” statement because grabbing bulls is what I have been doing to be where I am now.
“But on a more serious note I would prefer that you call me mama, it would mean a lot to me Lizz I know it’s a lot to ask for we both lost something valuable in our lives, you lost your parents and I have lost my marriage, lets complete each other Lizz,”
“Of course ma,” I replied, once again I was like why not?
“Wow thank you my beautiful Zette, now I do not have to imagine a daughter with beautiful hair like yours,” she said. Though it is said to be fictional but I think I am empathic because in that instance I kind of felt her happiness, her positive vibes surely rubbed on me and I felt good calling her ma.
“I love you ma. Goodnight.” I said.
“Come to mama, let her embrace you and protect you throughout the night,” she said and I obliged.
It was an innocent cuddle until she groped my breasts and fondled them in a way that made me feel very uncomfortable. She stopped rubbing my breasts and I thought it was one of those “zoning out” moments but I was wrong, because her mouth found its way to my private parts gosh! I do not want to imagine the despicable things she did to me. She later on stopped and switched on the light.
“Enjoyed that right my Zette, mama is going to give you a treat tonight if you treat her nicely and be a good girl,” she said in a rather vile way. She opened in one of the wardrobe shelves and came with something I was not familiar with she turned on the item and it started making a vibrating sound. She removed her clothes and lied on the bed.
“Now listen to me very carefully, your brother was very horrible to me, he doesn’t give a shit about me and he no longer cares about me and my needs. I have needs am still young and vibrant. Because I love you and you said you love me I no longer need your brother you are going to feel my emptiness remember you only have me on your corner. Do not be scared Lizzette come on wipe those tears mama, doesn’t like it when you cry but you know what makes her more sad and angry is a person who is disrespectful so just do whatever she tells you okay? Good girl. It’s simple you are going to insert this wonder down here and it is going to make mama feel good here take it remember mama does not like cowards,” she said her facial expressions were disturbing I took the “wonder” and inserted it in her private parts she moaned, screamed till for a second when I thought that she had collapsed….I was young and naive I didn’t understand anything. Just when I thought I had killed her, oh yes my mind went berserk for a moment, but much to my relief or horror she woke up and I was still holding the “wonder” which was gross with slimy and mucus like stuff.
“Oh Lizz you are such a wonderful daughter clean that up and come back with it please untie your beautiful hair it, it turns me on when it’s like that, and I want you to come back from the bathroom in your birthday suit, naked!” she said with a smile that left me very unsettled that I wanted to run nevertheless I complied because I did not know what Chioniso was capable of.
“Lie on the bed opening your legs it’s time for mama’s treat it’s goings to hurt but afterwards you are going to ask for more that is going to make us happy. I am a good mother you know am teaching you ways to survive without a man, men are horrible and evil beings, now look at me, I want us to remember this priceless moment forever….”
The wonder made a deafening sound I looked at Chioniso as the wonder found its way into my sacred part….I felt a razor-sharp pain, my soul was torn apart as the evil wonder cut through my hymen I screamed, I begged her to stop it was to no avail….I felt numb fell asleep and when I woke up the following day my lower back was covered in blood and Chioniso was looking at me smiling I wondered if she ever slept but I kept my thoughts to myself. That became a sequence of our lives when Tanaka was not around.
Up until now, in the centre of my chest I feel a void which I have unfortunately surrounded with an enormous icy wall. Just thinking about the chronicles about my life makes me feel disgusted the more I think about it the more I build and tighten my icy wall that surrounds my heart….
“Oh am glad you are still here Lizz, Thabiso just called there is a crisis at work Tendero is definitely sabotaging us we have to form a united front honey we are better together…… Oh gosh geez are you okay?” I look at him and wonder why is he cursing, I avert my eyes in the direction of his, oh no! I have just vomited in my car I must have zoned out or something because I have turned the engine on and I did not drive anywhere…..Now my mission to deal with the parasite first has been abolished because of the stupid past and its ghosts.

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Chapter 8
There is something called fate, maybe everything that has happened up until now followed a pattern of some higher order that was beyond my understanding or that I refused to understand. This whole fate thing is starting to make sense as I am deliberating on the events of my life, I am also beginning to think that my marriage to Lizz is part of the pattern of how my life is ought to be. I feel like am deceiving the memory of my Claire right now perhaps this is one of my insomniac train of jumbled of thoughts or maybe this is just fate reminding me that Lizz is part of my life till death do us apart. The thought of it all this makes my body cringe, I really need to visit my doctor once again and this time I have to come up with a solid reason so that he can prescribe me much stronger sedatives. I have tried to be sober this whole weekend and I even went to church with dearest wife, interesting right. The consequences of being sober! Usually I drown myself in alcohol that way I sleep peacefully but I cannot depend on that for the rest of my life right? I have to face the demons in my life and I need Lizz right now, if only she could read my thoughts right now she would gloat about it aha! There she is lying so peacefully besides me, ours is not a really compatible match but right now I have no option but to appreciate her because I do not want to even imagine how my life would have turned out if she was not by my side.
For the past thirteen years we have been married, I still fail to understand her and her motives but what I have learnt is that Lizz is a fighter and she defends her territory like a mama bear though her ways of fighting are questionable at times. As I am reflecting back on the events that have taken place in my life I have noted that a small amount of stress is useful, it adds interest and motivation to life that keeps me on my toes. That is how I felt when my father encouraged me to work hard in school, get in the commercial class, do a business related programme so that one day when he dies, I would be well groomed to take over JJ logistics. Unlike my brother Jerome who refused to be a faithful shadow to my father, I followed everything my father said religiously. That added a little bit of stress in my life because my dream was to do things pertaining to arts but because I did not want to be like my brother who defied my father’s wishes I decided to put my dreams to a halt. It was difficult to divert from my vision to suit my father’s perfectly laid out life for me but what made me happy was the fact that I was becoming the man he wanted me to be, the perfect son.
All was well, until my father succumbed to an acute kidney failure, it’s during that time when he made a shocking revelation. I remember the day very vividly, when he called me and my big brother Jerry, he told us that he had an affair a long time ago and that affair resulted in a child, our sister Jenna. Simple math translated that father dearest had an affair whilst married to my mother because Jenna is younger than Jerry and older than me. Father felt that he was dying so he made us promise not tell mum because she was already dealing with father’ sickness. I was disappointed yes, but I was too drowned in father’s continuing deteriorating condition more than anything else. Well Jerry was indifferent about the whole situation, he was so cross that he even stopped visiting father. In his defence, father always criticized Jerry for not being the perfect son yet he didn’t practise what he preached. So it was just me and my mother, a week later after father’s disclosure my mother suddenly stopped visiting the hospital. After two days I had to go and find out why mother had stopped visiting father, I found her in a sorry state and she told me that I was a great disappointment in her life. I knew there and then that Jerry had happened he had told mother everything, my father’s instincts kicked in as well because of mother’s sudden absence from the visiting hours.
Despite the unfortunate circumstances I did my best to make my final moments with father memorable. All this happened three years after I had married Lizzette. One day father called me and he specifically asked me not to leave Lizzette beca use he had something important to tell us.
“You know son all my life I have dictated how you should live your life, and It was never difficult with you because you have always been this obedient child. I am sorry for not letting you be but at the same time I am proud of the man you have become. Now son, I feel like the angel of death is going to visit me soon, I will die peacefully after I have dictated one last thing in your life. You may be wondering what it is and why I have called your wife. Lizzette. I have called her because I have something important to tell you in her presence, so that one day when things go sour and you are doubting the love you have for each other, you will remember this day, the day I would like to call the ‘wish of a dying man’. Joe I have groomed you to become the man I wanted, you have always been my shadow but today I want to tell you that I do not want you to become a man like me,”
I remember the confusion that clouded my face and my mind when he said that, I remember how I noticed how wife’s facial expression lightened when he mentioned about love. That is the day my father signed and sealed my fate, I choose to remember the day differently sometimes it feels like father dearest cursed me well on other days it feels like he blessed me.
“I see you are confused son but trust me one day everything is going to make sense. Lizzette my daughter am really sorry that your marriage started on a rocky foundation, the way you found out about Prince and how the whole family was not very transparent about the whole issue. I will die a peaceful man because you accepted Prince as your own and you are doing a pretty much good job raising him I am forever grateful. As I was saying son, whenever you want to be unfaithful in your life remember this day, remember how my final days were I am going to die a lonely man my wife and your brother are angry at me and it really hurts me but this is the result of being disloyal to her. Faithlessness is a bad fruit son, it has destroyed my family. But am glad you have never left my side and I had the opportunity to pour my heart to you. I have been trying to call your mother but she is not picking up I know she is not talking to you as well I am sorry for putting you in such a situation. Hold on to Lizzette, when I am gone you are going to need her more than ever to lead the Jokonya legacy. This is not a wish but I am hoping that soon you are going to meet your sister Jenna if you can please embrace her she is a lovely soul. One last request please Lizzette may I use your phone so that I can call my wife and ask for forgiveness….”
Asking for forgiveness he did, and in the wee hours of the following day father died it’s like he had guessed his final day. The day is a curse in my life because when Lizz is having one of her dubious moments she always reminds me of what father said and how he worshiped her ground in his dying minutes aargh! She has no shame whatsoever, using my misery as a weapon against me. The day he died that is when we got to meet our sister Jenna there was no shred of doubt that she was of the Jokonya descent, because she looked like the rest of us. I paid too much attention to her and the way she mourned showed that she had some deep connection with father. I had mixed emotions towards her, I was happy to finally have a sister at the same time sad to meet her under those circumstances. Mother and Jerry were very unsympathetic towards her maybe if I could turn back the hands of time I would have done the same. Soon after the funeral, she left I am sure she felt the negative vibes but I exchanged contacts with her before she left.
My father’s death took a toll on us it altered our lives in so many ways and left a lot of damage, its seven years now and here I am having sleepless nights because of the trail of damage my father left. My father had assigned the family lawyer to read his will two weeks after his death and his estate was to be distributed in the presence of the whole family including Jenna. My mother and brother tried to protest the condition but it was to no avail. Eventually they realised that they were “enemies of progress” since delaying the reading of the will was acting as a setback in terms of company operations so they allowed me to contact Jenna. My father’s estate was distributed as follows; he was the majority owner of JJ Logistics so he divided the company shares accordingly. I got 30% since I was already part of the company, Jerry got 25%, Jenna and mother got 20%, in addition mother was left in charge of all the personal properties my father owned. This didn’t sit well with mother and Jerry because I was now the sole owner of JJ Logistics yet I was the youngest.
I didn’t understand why Jerry was angry because right from the start he was not interested in the family business I deserved everything I got because I had worked hard and sacrificed my dreams in order to be fit to direct the company. Jenna wanted to give up her shares at first because of the obvious hostility within our family and also because she didn’t know anything about business. I felt guilty and remembered one of my father’s wishes to embrace her. So I encouraged her to hold on to shares and use the dividend payouts to pursue a business management degree so that she could be more directly involved in the business with the knowledge that she would have acquired. She gladly accepted my advice and that made me even made me happier because beyond his grave, I continued to make my father proud.
I was so absorbed in making JJ logistics the top range company that I forgot how my other parent felt. Mother was in and out of the hospital several times because off high blood pressure. Jerry and I decided to have a heart to heart session to find out what was really wrong with her. She told us that she was bitter about the whole Jenna thing, she felt that our father had betrayed her for years and how did he repay her? By giving only 20% of the company after all the support she offered my father in building that legacy. What hurt her the most was the fact that her stake was equal to Jenna’s, yet she was a product of adultery. What was also heart-rending for her was the harsh reality that father had died before she forgave him. Not only did her Christian conscience eat her up, but she had failed to remove that scorching bitter and destructive coal of anger. She had also confessed that despite father’s infidelity, she still loved him but she failed to use the cool waters of reason, acceptance and understanding during his last days.
For those reasons she signed the shares to Jerry and that made him the majority shareholder. I was hurt after everything I had done to learn the ropes of the company, making contacts and boosting the company profile, it was all for nothing. I was glad that at least the company was still run by the Jokonyas. However Jerry knew nothing about business, I think he assumed the C.E.O office to spite me at the same time he sabotaged the company operations that everything began to tumble. Watching the company sink was like a ticking time bomb, I confided in Jenna because we shared the same vision of pushing the company forward. Lizz encouraged me to talk to Jenna and join her shares with mine as well as the other vested parties that is the other 5% shareholders that way our shares overshadowed Jerry’s majority rule and we voted him out of the C.E.O position. The day we were supposedly to have that meeting, I received yet another heart breaking news, my mother died. It was yet another loss to the family and part of me still feel guilty about the circumstances that led to her death. Perhaps her death was a sign of dark things that were ahead of my life and the Jokonya empire…..
“Joe! wake up or else we are going to be late,”
I must have slept whilst I was deep in my thoughts. I yawn as I try to drive the thick fog of sleep that is clouding my mind.
“Damnit Liz, what time is it? Gosh my head is pounding aargh!”
She snatches my blanket, “There is no time for that Joe, come wake up or do you want me to drag you to the bathroom because you know very well am capable of that. Damnit we have a mess to clean up remember? And sweetheart I think we had an electrical fault last night, so obviously there is no warm water because the geyser was off. I didn’t warm up any water for you, you have to take a cold shower, in the bathroom that is downstairs because you definitely if we have no electricity our bathroom won’t have water. As a matter of fact I did not warm up your water intentionally, you should have a cold bath so that you can be fully awake,” she says the last statement so dryly this woman!
Electrical faults and load shedding have an adverse effect on our daily routine since we depend on it for pumping water in our borehole. I hesitantly go to the downstairs bathroom I hate it because the shower doesn’t have a sprinkler aargh.
As the cold water pelts on my head so strong that it hurts, I cannot help but wonder whether or not the events of my father’s last days are a blessing or a curse perhaps a blessing in disguise…
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Lizz is always surrounded by mystery right?
Is team JOZZY into some sort of trouble?
How do they intend to clean up their mess?


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